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Visionaries on the coast


Chamisal Vineyards was the first vineyard planted outside the vibrant coastal city of San Luis Obispo, California in what would later become the Edna Valley AVA.

In 1973, the idea of planting Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines this far west, only five miles from the Pacific Ocean, was considered a risky proposition. But the gamble paid off – as our vineyard grew and thrived, it produced exceptional and distinct wines that quickly drew notice. In this spirit, we continue to constantly test our limits, push the envelope of creativity and quality, and craft innovative and expectation-defying wines that express the essence of our home here on California’s Central Coast. This land is our legacy; we strive to capture, honor, and preserve it through our efforts in the cellar and the vineyard.


Chamisal Vineyards is only five miles from the Pacific Ocean, and we enjoy an especially cool and maritime-influenced climate that makes us unique. Our long and temperate growing season extends the ripening period of our grapes and produces wines with great depth of complexity and intensity balanced by high levels of acidity for freshness.

Chamisal vineyard


Our estate vineyard is also marked by the presence of three distinct sets of soils, found in separate blocks, that each contribute unique characteristics to our wines. Chamise Shaley Loam is the rarest and most prized, with its devigorizing nature and high calcareous content. Tierra Sandy Loam produces some of our most aromatically exuberant and lifted wines, and Salinas silty loam produces wines of great intensity.



We take our role as stewards of the land seriously. Our environment—the soils, climate, flora, and fauna— is of the utmost importance and is irreplaceable. We always work to minimize our impact on the environment and to maximize the integrity of our wines through conscientious farming and winemaking practices.

Vineyard and tasting room at Chamisal Vineyards