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a Vision on the coast


The first vineyard planted in 1973 in what would become the Edna Valley AVA, Chamisal Vineyards is located just outside the city of San Luis Obispo on California’s Central Coast. A specialist in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Chamisal Vineyards strives to produce wines that express the wild and inspiring beauty of California’s Central Coast and, more specifically, our 82-acre estate vineyard.

Great atmosphere, knowledgeable, friendly wine host made the visit very enjoyable. With all the choices of wine tastings on the Central Coast, Chamisal is hands down, are favorite winery. If you're looking for an affordable, yet excellent wine club experience, look no further!

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our property

Chamisal Vineyards has become one of the most renowned producers of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir on California’s Central Coast. Our estate vineyard encompasses 82 acres planted across three distinct soil types: Chamise Shaly Loam, Tierra Sandy Loam, and Salinas Clay Loam. Located just five miles from the Pacific Ocean, our estate vineyard thrives in one of the coolest cool-climate regions across the winegrowing world. The maritime influence of our proximity to the Pacific Ocean has a huge influence on the quality and character of our wines. Our vineyard receives the benefit of a longer and more temperate growing season, allowing for the development of complexity and intensity in our wines, balanced by a coastal freshness that has become a hallmark of our wines. We are constantly learning from our vineyard and adapting and evolving our faming methods and the way we make our wines in the cellar. Each vintage is a culmination of the vintages before it, a patient and persistent progression of tinkering, experiments, and adjustments in the cellar to nudge each wine closer to its fullest and highest expression.


edna valley

Because of its east-west orientation so close to the Pacific Coast, the Edna Valley is one of the coolest appellations in California. Its long, temperate growing season gives the grapes plenty of time to ripen on the vine — typically several weeks longer than warmer growing regions. This extended hangtime allows cool-climate grapes like Chardonnay to develop deep, rich flavors and superior fruit intensity.

The harvest team at Chamisal Vineyards


our team

While some winemakers find their domain is limited mostly to the cellar, our winemaking team is committed to spending just as much time in the Chamisal vineyards.

Vineyard and tasting room at Chamisal Vineyards