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Commitment to Sustainability

Chamisal Vineyards has long been at the forefront of sustainability efforts in the region; in 2020, we began a shift towards biodynamic practices and we have introduced numerous regenerative agricultural measures including the installation of a Miyawaki forest and community vegetable garden that is farmed on behalf of the San Luis Obispo Food Bank.

In the vineyard, we foster a healthy population of birds and owls for natural predation of unwanted pests, we have eliminated the use of herbicides, utilize cover crops to increase biodiversity, and irrigate with recaptured winery processed water. We generate 25% of our electrical power from solar panels and have an extensive system of moisture probes and sensors to reduce our water usage in the vineyard.

This land and the wines we make from it are our legacy – the things that we have shaped that will outlast us.


Chamisal Vineyards has been SIP (Sustainability in Practice) certified in the vineyards since 2010 and we were the the second-ever winery to be SIP-certified in 2016, though the winery has always gone above and beyond the requirements to maintain the health of our vineyards and improve biodiversity in the area.

Vineyard and tasting room at Chamisal Vineyards