SIP-certified Vineyards

We do our utmost to care for the land. Our comprehensive sustainability program dictates how we farm to prevent any damage to the environment. We don’t use harmful chemicals or herbicides like glyphosate (Roundup), and we limit dust and air pollution by controlling the amount of tillage.

Our vineyards have been certified through the Central Coast Vineyard Team’s Sustainability in Practice (SIP) program since 2010, but we go above and beyond certification requirements with organic practices like compost teas and cover crops to improve soil health and biodiversity. We use only organic fertilizers and have replanted vineyards to drought-tolerant rootstocks in order to reduce the need for irrigation.

With the goal of reducing our water usage by half, we’ve also installed moisture probes and other sensors to ensure our vines get only the water they need—not a drop more—as well as a water recapture system in the winery that reclaims 100 percent of winery process water for irrigation.

SIP-Certified Winery

In 2016, we became the second winery ever to become SIP certified. This program, separate from vineyard certification, requires that winemaking operations also be sustainable and respectful of our environment.

We tightly monitor and control our winery’s energy and water use, by using solar panels on our roof to produce 25 percent of our electrical power needs and by recycling every gallon of winery wastewater. Our goal is to use only one gallon of water for each gallon of wine we produce. We also have reduced or eliminated harsher winemaking chemicals from our cellar.

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