Pioneering Edna Valley

About Chamisal

Chamisal made history in 1973 as the first winery in Edna Valley to plant grapevines. Just 10 minutes from downtown San Luis Obispo, our tasting room offers sustainably produced wines painted with gorgeous natural scenery.



The people behind the wine

Our Team

While some winemakers find their domain is limited mostly to the cellar, Fin is committed to spending just as much time in the Chamisal vineyards. Estate Director Andrea de Palo is dedicated to making sure that guests have a memorable experience at Chamisal.

Our style is about allowing
each varietal to shine.

Fintan du fresne, general manager & winemaker

respectful stewardship of the land

Our Property

As farmers and stewards of the land, we're constantly striving to find its highest and best use. Our unique soil types and proximity to the ocean have convinced us that it's Chardonnay. At Chamisal, we're commited to growing truly world-class Chardonnay and showcasing each vineyard's unique characteristics.


A premier region

Edna Valley

Because of its east-west orientation so close to the Pacific Coast, the Edna Valley is one of the coolest appellations in California. its long, temperate growing season gives the grapes plenty of time to ripen on the vine — typically several weeks longer than warmer growing regions. This extended hangtime allows cool-climate grapes like Chardonnay to delevop deep, rich flavors and superior fruit intensity.


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